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Our Values

PropInvest was created with a simple goal in mind, to make investing in property easy. We understand the headaches involved, which make it difficult for common people to invest in property. At PropInvest we believe in a financial democracy, we don’t believe you need to have a big wallet to benefit from investing in this asset class. We make property investing easier by sticking to the following principles


You no longer need large chunks of money or expensive mortgages to invest in property. We leverage the power of crowdfunding, and pool your funds along with likeminded investors so you own a fraction of the property. This allows greater diversification of your property portfolio, in a cost and time efficient manner.

Transparency & Ownership

Investing is risky and property investing has its own elements of risk. We alleviate these risks by offering complete transparency. Unlike REITS and other real estate funds, you choose exactly where to invest your money. You can assess and review your investment at any given time. More importantly we offer you direct ownership and control of your asset, something funds never do.


Technology is at the core of what we do. Using market leading technology we offer you a comprehensive online dashboard access, where you can analyse current and future investments, make informed decisions based on cutting edge analysis and manage your investment completely online. It is real estate investing at the click of a button.


We know what we are talking about. Our team and advisors have more than 30 years of experience in real estate investment and development. Every investment is curated and analysed before being presented to you, and vetted by our acclaimed legal team. We present information in a clear and easy to understand manner and are always available when you need us.


We are using technology to change not just how you invest, but where you invest in. Now you can look beyond traditional apartment project in your locality. High ticket investments such as rent earning retail stores, MNC occupied office spaces, exotic warehouses and nascent plots are now available from the comfort of your armchair.

How it works

Step One

Browse and select any of our curated investments through our online portal. We find a group of investors with similar investment goals and crowdfund the entire investment.

Step Two

We share all ownership documentation with you, which you can digitally sign and become a direct owner instantly.

Step Three

You can start earning rental income immediately, which will be transferred regularly to your bank account.

Step Four

After a pre-determined investment period or when we achieve our target price, we sell the asset and transfer you your share of the proceeds. For investors wishing to exit early, there will be a secondary market available.



Innovate Fractional ownership with clip sizes as little as Rs10k


Invest across multiple properties


Carefully selected opportunities presented clearly.

Income producing

Completed projects, Rent ready – You start earning from day 1.


Invest in property from the comfort of your home, with a few mouse clicks.

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