Property Investments made smarter


Innovate Fractional ownership with clip sizes as little as Rs10k


Invest across multiple properties


Carefully selected opportunities presented clearly.

Income producing

Completed projects, Rent ready – You start earning from day 1.


Invest in property from the comfort of your home, with a few mouse clicks.

Break the Black-Box

Know where your money is invested and how it is performing.


Fully managed and packaged- We handle the due diligence, purchase, rental, maintenance and sale.


Hyperactive monitoring, reporting and full disclosure.

Our Values

PropInvest was created with a simple goal in mind, to make investing in property easy. We understand the headaches involved, which make it difficult for common people to invest in property. At PropInvest we believe in a financial democracy, we don’t believe you need to have a big wallet to benefit from investing in this asset class. We make property investing easier by sticking to the following principles


You no longer need to save funds to purchase a property outright. You can pool your funds with other investors and own a fraction of a property. This spreads your risk across different properties and regions.


Investing is risky, and property investing does have its own risks. We alleviate some of these risks by offering complete transparency. You know exactly where your money is invested, and how each property is doing. You won’t have to chase us to find out how your investments are performing, we will call you.


With our online (paperless?) process you don’t need to take time to gather information and view the property. We have professional teams in place that gather the information to help you make investment decisions from your armchair. We know your time is valuable, and have designed an intuitive platform around your needs.


With us you won’t find heavy use of jargon, we understand our investors are humans and not robots. We present all information in a clear and easy to understand manner, and are always there if you need us.

Join the movement

India’s largest, most desired and well understood asset class: ‘Property’ until now which has been restricted to the affluent.